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July 1, 2010

Feelin Tinto Fino

Properly decanted and ready for action

Subject show prior to consumption


Lately I’ve¬†been itchin¬†for¬†a taste for Spain, so I grabbed a few bottles¬†of Dehesa¬†la Granja¬†2001¬†to scratch that itch. This fine juice comes from¬†the vineyard Alejandro Fernandez¬† in the Ribera¬†del Duero region.¬†Our man¬†Alejandro¬†has been in business¬†since¬†1972, and is well known¬†for some of his other labels – Tinto¬†Pesquera, Condado¬†de Haza¬† and El Vinculo. He makes his wines exclusively from the Tempranillo grape, which I’m partial to.¬†

The pop of the cork released a dusty raspberry bramble scent.¬†The rusty brick brown¬†wine had kicked off a bit of sediment, so I decanted it so I didn’t have to chew it.¬†

Even though its only 9 years old, my buddy Dehesa¬†is already showing signs of maturity. Tasty enough, but missing a little of the roundness and pizzaz I was looking for. Tasted more¬†like the inside of a wallet than I want.¬†I don’t think I’ll leave the other bottles lyin around too much longer. So, I popped a second bottle later on¬†to see if it was holding up better than the first.¬†

This one, classic Tinto¬†Fino. Medium bodied, with the lively step of a flamenco dancer springing forth to¬†smash berries with wooden shoes on¬†my tongue. Can’t blame ’em, the flavors. After being cooped up in a barrel for two years before being bottled, then all that time sittin in¬†that glass jail¬†for seven more, ya gotten expect the flavors to burst forth. Then the¬†tannins and oak restrained a few of the more susceptible fruit flavors with leather straps, forcing them to linger for a¬†long finish. This I like. I like it a lot.

This¬†is a great wine to pair with a meal. Lamb, venison, duck, pizza would all benefit from a visit by old Dehesa. I didn’t¬†bother though. Food seemed like too much effort. This wine had me fully occupied on a Wednesday night.

You might have a tough time finding the ’01 vintage, but I encourage you to go out and grab a bottle of the year you find. It retails for about $25 and is widely distributed. Go get ya some.