About What are You Drinking?

There aren’t many nights that go by without me cozying up to a delicious drink. Sometimes its just a crappy beer, but many times I’m lustfully slurping a fine wine. I can’t help but want to get to know each glass intimately. Here are some of my thoughts what I’m drinking, good places to enjoy a drink and good places to buy drinks. I hope you’ll join the conversation and let me know what you are drinking too.

When I’m not writing this blog, I’m a marketing guy at Dell. My views expressed here are soley mine and do not reflect the views or opinions of my employer. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Want to drink like Don Draper? Don’t. Be creative and drink responsibly. Find a ride home too.

5 Comments to “About What are You Drinking?”

  1. I think your blog and my blog should be friends. Not the kind of friends that always talk about getting together and never do. The kind of friends that get together on the weekends and cause trouble and give each other rides to hard-to-find location with very similar sounding names. Like, for, example, Saltgrass and Salt Lick. Yeah…those kind of friends 

  2. @br_eezy, I thight our blogs may get into a little trouble together. You know what happens when food and drink get together. . . good times. Cheers to Fork it Over

  3. Cheers to What are You Drinking!! Trouble will ensue that’s what makes it great!

  4. Congrats on the site, Matt. Well done.

    I’m hearing a lot of talk about a “J-bird Cocktail”. Have you ever heard of it? More importantly, what’s the recipe.


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