Show Me Your Taco!

I recently went to Tacos and Tequilla with my friend, food and taco critic extrodenaire, Nelson to review the drinks. My review of the drinks at Tacos and Tquila is here. He posted his review of the tacos on his blog Show Me Your Taco. Nelson has incredible expertise in taco reviews and this one gives you the goods on TnT. He also has a couple of videos so you can get a first had view of the scene at TnT. Check out his site and his videos.


2 Comments to “Show Me Your Taco!”

  1. I really enjoyed your video. You and your partner have a great rapport and seem to have genuine love for each other. We really need more proud gay blogs like this, especially with guys that are so completely unafraid of being “out.” I’ll be checking back regularly for new reviews/videos! Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Steve, thanks for the compliment. Sorry to dissapoint you, but both Nelson and I are straight, married and fathers. We did have a good time reviewing the place and I guess that shows. If I were gay, I would be out and proud. However I’m merely a fun-loving, extremely hetero guy that wants to spread the word about good drinks and good places to find them. Hopefully both straight and gay/lesbian people enjoy the info on this blog.

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