What is your drink of choice at #BATHH?

Tell me what you plan to drink at BATHH (Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour) on July 22 at Union Park. I’ll compile the top drinks and will write about the most interesting ones. Thanks!


5 Comments to “What is your drink of choice at #BATHH?”

  1. I plan on drinking an extra dirty martini with Dripping Springs Vodka and extra olives. If you get good responses–I just may have to change my mind!

  2. The frozen mojitos will be on special for $3 and you only need 2 to barf, so probably forzen mojitos.

    PS: we’re having not-so-secret drinking games upstairs at dark, save some sobriety for then! 🙂

  3. Vodka Sodas with lots of lime!

  4. First: Anything free. Except for gin.
    Second (& most likely): Citron & soda with lots o’ lime. Perfect for Hades-like weather.
    Third: Grey Goose martini. Up. Slightly dirty. Extra olives. Friends call it “dinner in a glass.” Yum 🙂

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