Water with a kick

On Saturday my friend G and his darling wife were over to watch the US World Cup match. Darling wife has recently discovered the joys of Bud Light Lime, so she had a sixer in hand. G is roundly amused by her beer selection and decided it was something he ought to try.

He poured a glass to examine the lovely pale straw color, the whisper of a head and the fruity nose. Next to it he pour a glass of LaCroix lime sparkling water. He enouraged me to take a taste test.

They are remarkably similar, but the LaCroix is slightly more crisp. G’s point? Bud Light Lime tastes like lime flavored sparkling water. Point made.

Does that mean I’m going to turn my nose up at it? Hell no. That just means that when I want some water with a little touch of alcoholy goodness, I’ll consider a Bud Light Lime. So what if you can’t taste any hops or anything that resembles beer. Its refreshing.

Will I buy it? Probably not. At 7 bucks a six, I’d rather get real beer. Will you buy it?

What are you drinking?


2 Comments to “Water with a kick”

  1. M tried Miller’s version, “Chill”, which they advertise as “100 Calories of Light Beer with Lime” while in Annapolis last week and the verdict was that it is indistinguishable from the BL Limes that she quaffed on the pier of The Jetty (http://www.jettydockbar.com/) the prior day.

    • G, I have an embarrasment of beer in the garage fridge at the moment. Its the happy residule of a month of World Cup revelry and 4th of July celebratin. Come on over and help me make room for new beers to try.

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